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Georg S. Koeppl and Dieter Braun have contributed to the world of electrical engineering with numerous articles covering a half-century of high voltage technology.

Bus-Node – A Novel Substation Concept
G. Koeppl, Th. Aschwanden, P. Zinniker
CIGRE Paper B3-208, CIGRE 2016

Double Earth Faults in Power Stations
G. S. Koeppl, D. Braun, M. Lakner
IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, Vol. 30, No. 3, June 2015,
pp. 1338 – 1343, TPWRD.2014.2350033

Warum nicht ˮSammelknotenˮ statt Sammelschiene? Ein Diskussionsbeitrag
G. Köppl
Bulletin 11/2014, electrosuisse, VSE/AES

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